Crowdcast Honest and Complete Review 2020 – Pricing, Features and Integrations

What is Crowdcast?

Crowdcast is a live streaming and webinar tool specifically targeted at creators, that allows them to have interactive sessions with your online audience. It is a browser-based solution, though a downloadable desktop version and mobile apps are available too. The platform presents itself as an easy-to-use tool, yet so powerful for any size event.

The simplicity of the software makes it user-friendly. Further, it has interactive features like polls, live chat, timestamped Q&A, as well as face-to-face interactions.

What’s more, Crowdcast collects emails and will generate enhanced data and analytics regarding your event or attendees.

Crowdcast has simple design –quick and painless setup. No download; only a single URL.

Holding live events helps you to build relationships with your attendees. When you do it properly, you can convert more attendees into customers. Any online business or live event focuses on:

  • Interaction and relationship building
  • Sales and marketing

Crowdcast can help you build a relationship with your audience. You can check the status of Crowdcast before going live. Such a feature eliminates the uncertainty of technical glitches, which may anger your attendees. Thus, minimizing the chances of getting conversions.

The feature lets check how smoothly Crowdcast is running. It gives you insights up to 90 days back.

What are the features of Crowdcast?

We shall divide the Crowdcast features into 3 main sections – user experience, event flexibility, and Analytics and Integrations.

1. Enhanced user experience

Crowdcast is terrific software. It is easy to install and use. Here is what you will encounter:

  • No downloads: Crowdcast is a web-based tool, which means you do not need to download any software. Registration takes only minutes, and you get a single URL, which can use to watch, record, and replay. Remember, Crowdcast has an app – Android and iOS devices.
  • Built-in landing page: you can customize your images, video, and description, which allows you to capture leads.
  • Interactive interface: this feature offers you an interactive session with your audience. You can then answer all the questions (Q&A), and place a timestamp for credibility. Additionally, participants can vote for favorites.

You can invite participants on the screen (max 4), and there is also the ability to screen share Guests, presentation, or product demo.

  • Recruit more followers: there is a “follow” button. Once attendees follow, they will receive a notification via email or push notifications.
  • HD streaming: HD resolution high-quality for webinars. No delays or distractions during streaming.
  • Chat control and moments sharing: you have full control over the chats. You can ban trolls, delete comments, as well as invite anyone on screen or hover for profiles. Still, you capture the best moments and share them on social media.

2. Flexibility for your events

What event are you holding? Crowdcast offers flexibility for all event sizes – large, small, private, or paid. Check the features:

  • Paid events: you can be paid for events, you host. Simply create a paid webinar, and either charge a fixed price or allow the audience to pay what they want. Still, you can accept donations. Amazingly, you can integrate with Stripe. And if you are holding a large event, the Crowdcast Extended features accommodate thousands of attendees.
  • Multi-session events: the single registration page allows you to create a multi-session event for a summit, course, or recurring meeting.  For recurrent events, you can duplicate the event – copy over settings, description, and cover photo.
  • Customize seat number: how many attendees do you need? You can limit the number of seats to make the event personal.

3. Analytics and Integrations

Crowdcast offers the latest tools you need to run your business, including continuous integrations through Zapier. Zapier lets you connect to multiple apps you are already using. It is compatible with tools such as Aweber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, and Salesforce, among others.

Typically, Crowdcast allows for automating workflow, getting insights, and retrieving data. Let’s check out the details.

  • Advanced analytics: you get details of where people come from, number of registrants, and at what level you engage with the event analytics. You can still compare/track the registration rate (those who signed up) vs. live attendance rate (those who showed up). Then you can learn how to improve conversion.
  • Zapier: offers endless integration with 750+ apps through advanced Zapier integration.
  • Referral source: you get data about where people found your event and the sources with the highest conversion rate
  • Live Social media streaming: you can stream live on any social platform with your attendees. You can go Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Still, you can use Periscope, among other platforms. You can even track influences, i.e., attendees with the most twitter followers, and what they were engaging in during the live events.
  • Data export CSV: These options allow you to export any relevant data with a single click. Data includes attendee emails, names, live conversions, poll answers, and CTA analytics.

Pricing of Crowdcast

You can select a monthly and annual plan, and both of them have 4 payment plans. However, the yearly plan is 30% cheaper.

  • Starter: it is suitable for live video beginners. It allows 50+ attendees and 5 hours per month. Other features include 2-hour sessions, Multi-session events, 5% transaction fee, RTMP Studio, Stripe integration, email support, and Patreon integration.

Monthly plan: $29/month

Yearly plan: $20/mo.

  • Lite: it is suitable for small businesses. It allows 100+ attendees per session and 10 hours per month. Besides starter features, it supports event analytics, integration through Zapier, integrations with tools like Drip and ConvertKit directly, and you can export email addresses, chats, and data.

Monthly plan: $ 49/month

Yearly plan: $34/mo.

  • Pro: ideal for creators and businesses who hold live video events consistently. It offers up to 250 attendees and  up to 20 hours every month. In addition to live features you get, 4-hour sessions, Multistream to a single location, Custom registration fields, and live chat Support.

Monthly plan: $ 89/month

Yearly plan: $62/mo.

  • Business: it is ideal for companies and start-ups looking to have a closer relationship with their customers. It offers over 1000 live attendees and 40 hours per month. Additional features include 6-hour sessions, 2% transaction fee, and multistream to 3 locations.

Monthly plan: $ 195/month

Yearly plan: $139/mo.

All plans have a 14-day free trial. But it only allows 30 minutes per session and a maximum of 10 attendees. Click here to sign-up for the 14-day free trial.


Who is Crowdcast best suited for?

Crowdcast is ideal for any business that needs to live stream. The designers make it possible for all sizes of businesses. However, the platform is more suitable for large companies than smaller ones.

That said, the platform is user-friendly and has numerous features necessary for getting conversions online.

Besides, it has affordable four plans for all sizes of businesses. Therefore, beginner or an accomplished company wishing to engage your company through live streaming, Crowdcast got your back.

Customer reviews of Crowdcast

Crowdcast offers a whole new way to do webinars. Most customers say the user experience and functionalities are the strongest points of this live streaming platform when you compare it to similar tools. The tool is much simpler but incredibly powerful. This is what most users say.

Check this out:

One customer says:

The platform is easy to use and reliable….in just under one hour I was pretty much ready to do my first webinar (I didn’t have any experience in running a webinar)

Here is another one:

With Crowdcast, you can connect to your audiences in many different types of events online. It may be a webinar, or even an Ask Me Anything sessions. That means the tool remains one of the most authentic ways to build relationships with your customers, and if you need help, you can quickly help them out. 

Here is what another client says:

Crowdcast is straightforward to set up, in terms of the account and each event. The software offers extreme value for money, awesome customer support. The feature that my clients and audience love most is the fact that no downloads are needed to view.

Another audience-side benefit is that each event URL remains the same (if I’d like). Therefore, t no need to hunt down emails to gain access.

Despite the exemplary performance from Crowdcast, not all clients were impressed with its working. Some complained of how it froze during a live Facebook event, leading to losses. This can be a deal-breaker. However, customer support is quick to resolve.

Not being able to isolate screen sharing to a particular tab was an issue for some users. Still, the limitation of bringing only four people to the screen wasn’t a good thing. However, this is a minor issue for some.

Here are some comments from users:

Crowdcast has been limited to Chrome for some time now. Again, it is not very useful for smaller meetings. Therefore, we have to use Crowdcast for its strengths – to reach a broader audience.

Here is another:

We tried to host a Facebook Advertising event through Crowdcast, on January 24th.  There were about 14k sign-ups with around 3k live attendees…… our team spent a lot of time and effort to prepare it since it was a significant event. Soon we were flooded with over a thousand support requests of users saying that crowd cast was frozen. 

Consequently,  approximately 25 percent of our sales resulted in returns. Users were outraged because the content wasn’t streaming at all. These issues persisted all day long, and randomly booted uses off the platform. This is complete sabotage.


Crowdcast is worthy is a reliable live streaming software regardless of the size of your business. What’s more exciting is the plants’ affordability and how easy you can use the software. Remember, you do not need to download the tool, and further, you only use a single URL to start recording and live streaming.

Pros of Crowdcast

  • The tool is easy to use, faster as well as convenient – both you and your attendee can easily manipulate the platform
  • Timestamp when answering questions is an excellent addition
  • Excellent customer support
  • Excellent question and answer feature
  • HD streaming with no distractions
  • The platform is highly engaging and interactive
  • Screen sharing and ability to invite participants
  • Has three software types – mobile, browser and desktop

Cons of Crowdcast

  • It’s buggy
  • Needs someone with technical knowledge to get into some modes such as getting to a full screen but seeing chats at the same time
  • Lacks evergreen webinar features
  • All events end in 2 hours, automatically
  • Features aren’t highly customizable
  • Impossible to time your poll

Get started with your free 14-day free trial by clicking here.


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