WebinarNinja vs Zoom Comparison 2020 – Is WebinarNinja better than Zoom?

The use of webinars has increased in recent times due to the ongoing pandemic. Before now, webinars were important for B2B businesses among others. They give businesses an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with clients. There are a lot of options that offer different features. This WebinarNinja Vs. Zoom comparison will give you an idea of the features they offer to help you choose the one that suits the needs of your company.

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When it comes to pricing, WebinarNinja offers a basic plan of $41.58 per month or $499 per year. The plan allows users to add 500 participants during each webinar. You also get 3 presenters and support 24/7.

The professional plan costs $58.25 per month or $699. This plan allows users to add 1,000 participants with up to 4 speakers. It also has a premium plan which costs around $999 yearly or $83.25 per month. The plan is ideal for most businesses that depend heavily on online marketing webinars.

Zoom has a different pricing package. The basic packages give you free access to personal meetings. The features are limited in the basic package. Small teams can opt for the pro package which costs around $14.99 per month for each host and 100 participants. There is a different price package for small and medium-sized businesses at $19.99 per month. It allows ten hosts to connect to 300 participants.

Enterprise package costs $19.99 per month for large enterprises for 100 hosts and 500 participants.


WebinarNinja has a lot more features to offer when it comes to webinars. Some notable features of this service include chat, poll, and Q&A, on-demand webinars, registration page, webinar replays, webinar automation, analytics reports, multi-hosts, live chat with the attendees, social media promotion and screen sharing.

Zoom, on the other hand, has so many notable features but falls short when compared to WebinarNinja. It offers chat, poll, and Q&A, on-demand webinars, registration page, multi-hosts, webinar replays, live chat with attendees, and screen sharing features.


Customer support

In terms of customer support, WebinarNinja offers phone support as well as email, video tutorials, and knowledge. Zoom doesn’t offer email support, but it has support staff on phone to help. It also offers a video tutorial and a knowledge base.


Number of attendees

With WebinarNinja, every plan has an attendee limit. However, there isn’t a restriction on the number of people that can register for the webinar and access the Replay feature.

However, Zoom provides access for around 100 panelists and 10,000 attendees.


Advanced features

WebinarNinja stands out with some advanced features such as advanced customer branding, registration source tracking, notification emails and reminders, and advanced email customization.

Zoom only boasts of multi-language, notification emails and reminders, and registration source tracking.


WebinarNinja is built to help businesses convert their attendees to customers. it is well designed and is ideal for businesses running webinars under 1,000 attendees.

Zoom is more or less a general-purpose video conferencing service that caters to business meetings. It lacks a webinar automation tool but is quite reliable with a modest price tag. It is also ideal for businesses that require an all-in-one video conferencing too that offers live webinar broadcasting. However, it lacks some features that could promote the conversion of attendees. So if you are looking for a basic webinar/video conferencing tool then Zoom maybe a better choice for you, however if you want to use a true Webinar tool with rich functionality to help you convert your attendees to customers then WebinarNinja may be a better option.

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Click here to see our detailed review of WebinarNinja.


Given below is our detailed comparison of Zoom and WebinarNinja features.


Zoom WebinarNinja
Pricing Basic – for personal meetings: Free

Pro – for small teams: $14.99/month/host for 100 participants

Business – for small & medium sized businesses: $19.99/month/host (min 10 hosts) for 300 participants

Enterprise – for large enterprises: $19.99/month/host (min 100 hosts) for 500 participants

Basic Plan: $499/year ($41.58/month). This plan gives you up to 500 participants per webinar, up to 3 presenters, and 24/7 support.

Professional Plan: $699/year ($58.25/month). With the pro plan, participants increase to 1,000, and speakers go up to 4.

Premium Plan: $999/year ($83.25/month). This plan is for businesses that rely heavily on webinars for their online marketing. It features up to 6 speakers and a webinar audience of up to 5,000.”

Free Trial Free Plan includes hosting up to 100 participants
Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
40 mins limit on group meetings
Free trial sign up: https://zoom.us/signup
14 Days Free Trial


Number of webinar attendees Provides access for up to 100 panelists and up to 10,000 attendees Each plan has a limit to the number of live attendees (from 100 on the Starter Plan – to 1,000 on the Power Plan) but there is NO LIMIT to the number of registrants who can register for your webinar and who can access the Replay.
Product Features
On-demand Webinars Yes Yes
Chat, Poll and Q&As Yes Yes
Registration Page Yes Yes
Webinar Automation No Yes
Webinar Replays Yes Yes
Analytics Reports No Yes
Live Chat with Attendees Yes Yes
Multi-hosts Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes
Social Media Promotion No Yes
Advanced Features
Multi-Language Yes No
Registration Source Tracking Yes Yes
Advanced Customer Branding No Yes
Notification Emails and Reminders Yes Yes
Advanced Email Customization No Yes
Customer Support
Phone Yes Yes
Online No No
Emaiil No Yes
Knowledge base Yes Yes
Video tutorials Yes Yes
Number of integrations
Dropbox Yes No
Facebook Yes No
G Suite Yes No
Gmail Yes No
Google Analytics No No
Google Calendar Yes No
Google Drive Yes No
HubSpot CRM Yes No
HubSpot Marketing Yes No
Mailchimp No Yes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM No No
Microsoft Outlook Yes No
Office 365 Yes No
Pipedrive No No
Salesforce Sales Cloud Yes No
Slack Yes No
WordPress No No
Zapier Yes Yes
Zendesk Yes No
Zoho CRM No No


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