Plutio Honest and Complete Review 2020 – Pricing, Features and Integrations

 Plutio Overview

Plutio is one of the popular Project Management tool that can be described as an incredible compact business management tool established specifically to cater to the requirements of small scale businesses and freelancers.

Plutio has already carved its identity as a highly customizable application that offers everything that its users need on a single platform while allowing users to connect their prevailing apps with a click of a button.

A large number of users found Plutio helpful and felt that the platform took their workflow to the next level.

What are the features of Plutio?

Plutio has emerged as an appropriate business management app for a large section of users searching for a management-by-products methodology. The platform is equipped with several amazing features that you should not overlook. Here are some:

1. Robust CRM

Plutio offers you a trustworthy CRM module. It is worth noting that through this CRM module you can build stronger relationships that will help you enhance efficiency and transform workflows. It will also let you invite and add more people to tie-up on various projects. Additionally, every company or person that you will add will be assigned a thorough profile that will contain all information that you need to know.

2. Multiple workspaces

Plutio allows you to manage and shift between multiple workspaces with just one login in a hassle-free manner. Whether you handle one business or several businesses, Plutio lets you switch between businesses from a single login.

3. Personalization

You will also be permitted to set your desired date and time format while using Plutio. There is also the option of changing the time-zone and week start day.

4. Time tracking

We know time is a limited resource and one should manage it as efficiently as possible. One should strive to make optimum utilization of limited time. And, Plutio offers a robust time tracker that permits you to track time anywhere and anytime sans any hassle. The helpful platform offers real-time statistics like complete time logged, paid, unpaid, billable, and unbillable time. You will also get timesheets that will permit you to visualize your employees’ time entries against each task. The time sheets are print-friendly and you can download them at any time as editable XLSX files.

5. User-friendly

When it comes to ease of use, Plutio has emerged highly convenient. It offers beneficial features that you can re-envision and customize as per your requirement and style of working. Plutio is also available in various languages. As of now, Plutio is available in over 25 languages such as Spanish, Hebrew, English, Arabic, Japanese, and French, among others. So, you will not face any obstacles when it comes to language.

6. Drag and drop

You have the choice of creating proposals in the easiest possible manner by simply using Plutio’s drag and drop editor. There is also the option of electronic signatures. Your customers can sign and approve proposals with legally binding online signatures. And, you can manually mark a proposal as approved.

7. Completely responsive

Plutio is also equipped with a feature-rich text editor. It applies to comments, proposals, and notes. Additionally, you can also turn off equipment and products that you are not keen to use. It will help you stay clutter-free and organized in an effective way. There is yet another feature namely filters. You can apply advanced filters to display only what you require and remove unnecessary clutter.

8. Multiple payment methods

Plutio gives you the option of linking your Stripe, PayPal, or bank account and accept all the payments in a safe and secure manner. You can manage your recurring billing and invoices as well. With the option of “mark as paid”, you can manually mark a specific invoice as paid or unpaid. You can also add a reference to the invoices for the records. You can also link invoices to projects so you can keep a watch to where they belong. With the help of “custom numbering”, you can conveniently set a prefix, suffix, or start your invoices from a particular number. With the help of “billable tasks”, swiftly add billable tasks from timesheet to invoices.

9. Assign proposals to clients

Plutio lets you assign a proposal to a client in a hassle-free manner to swiftly populate their details.

10. Instant direct message

Plutio gives you the option of communicating with anyone privately from within the platform. With the “canned response” feature, you can provide a well-thought-out, pre-written reply so that you can immediately reply while on the go.

11. Instant notifications

You can also customize how and when you desire to receive emails and notifications coming from Plutio. And, you can instantly find what you are looking for with the help of lightning-fast search option. There are also daily digest emails that you can get while using the platform. You can get an everyday summary of all the tasks overdue or due for the day.

12. Invite people to Plutio

You can anytime invite anyone to Plutio to work with you on possibly everything. And, you can view anyone’s local time as well. With the “archive option”, you can archive profiles to suspend their access to the workspace.

13. Activities feed

This is a cool feature which gives you a real-time feed of everyone’s activities in your team.

14. Free apps

As a user, you can access Plutio anywhere with the help of Plutio’s desktop and mobile apps.

15. Color tags

You can assign color tags to people’s profiles for a better visual appeal. You can also create profiles for companies and conveniently group people with them.

16. Custom status

You can set a customized status for communications like “opened, closed, and pending responses.

17. Default color

You have the option of choosing 9 default colors to be used workspace wide including tags for projects and tasks.

Overview of Plutio templates

The Plutio’s template library is inundated with scores of templates that you can choose as per your requirement. You will come across a proposal template namely “she did it”. It has been detailed as “she did it membership renewal”. There is a Funnel Design and Building for Clients’ template. It is a project template for web design, web development, marketing, advertising, leads, and sales. You will find templates such as advertising board, web design board, website for clients, real estate deal, SEM, Software Development, CRM Tracker, SEO, DRUGSX, video production task, SBL lead template, Lead and sales pipeline, and general template, among others.

Check out Plutio’s templates by clicking here.

Plutio Pricing

Plutio currently offers an incredibly simple pricing plan. All the plans of the platform include a 14 days trial period and there is no requirement of any credit card. To start your 14 days no obligation trial with no credit card requirement with Plutio click here.

  • Solo plan: Solo plan is good for those who are planning to work alone and do not want to tie up with anyone else. Under this plan, you will get swift access to all the features. However, you will not be able to invite clients or contributors. The pricing of the plan is kept at $15 per month.
  • Studio plan: You will be able to unlock the studio plan by just paying $20 per month. Under this plan, you can unlock the client portal and collaborate with as many clients as you desire or require. The plan allows you to access all the features. Unlike Solo plan, under this plan you will be able to invite clients or client portals. However, you will not be able to invite contributors.
  • Team plan: Under the Team plan, you will be able to invite contributors like your team to tie up and get things done together. The plan allows you access to all the available features offered by Plutio. You have the option of inviting clients or client portals. And, you can also invite contributors. The cost of the plan is kept at $30 per month.

When it comes to discounts, users will be able to enjoy a lifetime discount of 16% or two months free, if they decide to pay on an annual basis. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any point of time as per your requirement. If you are a student, you can get a 10% discount. And, if you are running an NGO, you can seek a whopping discount of 30%.

To start your 14 days no obligation trial with no credit card requirement with Plutio click here.

Plutio vs Dubsado

Plutio can be your go to solution for everything sans accounting. It is currently priced at $15 per month. With Plutio you get invoicing, time tracking, project management, proposals, contracts, inbox, calendar integration, CRM, and complete accounting features, among others. Meanwhile, the pricing of Dubsado begins at $35 per month or $350 per year for up to three years.

With Dubsado, the additional users can get added in tiers beginning at $25 for four to 10 users. In case freelancers got over one brand for their services and products, more brands can be added for a cost of $10/month.

Plutio vs Asana

The pricing of Plutio’s plan begins at $15 per month meanwhile the pricing of Asana’s plan starts at $9.99 per month. You can try it for free and an option of the monthly payment is also available for users. There is no one-time payment, annual subscription, or quote based available with Plutio. On the other hand, you can seek a free and monthly payment option with Asana. You do not have an one-time payment or quote-based payment option with Asana.

Plutio offers a simple enterprise pricing structure with three plans. Meanwhile, for a team of up to 15 members, Asana is available free of cost. With the free plan, you can get unlimited tasks, projects, and communication.

Customer reviews of Plutio

When you seek to use or purchase a specific product, customer reviews play a pivotal role. It gives a deep insight into a product. Here are some of the top reviews about Plutio:

Customers were astounded with the ease of use that Plutio offered them. “The software is very easy to use. I like the fact that it handles most of what I need for my business – making it a one-stop place for my business needs,” added a user.

Users also liked the visual appeal of Plutio. “Look and feel is fairly nice. Visually, Plutio is pretty great,” said another user.



  • It is ideal for payments, proposals, and Invoicing. You can run projects for clients and send them attractively created invoices with tasks, rates, etc.
  • You can tie-up with your teams
  • It offers a great project management system.
  • You can get multiple foundational business tools in one system.
  • The task management is outstanding. It can be divided into several levels and makes it convenient to keep track of what needs to be done.
  • It is quick, intuitive, and easy to set up.
  • Convenient invoicing and straight forward onboarding.
  • You will be able to invoice in different currencies without any hassle. This is very much needed in international business.
  • The progress bar is excellent. It can track how much of each task you have completed.
  • It offers good integration with other tools.


At this time, we cannot think of any cons except that Plutio’s notifications could be slightly improved as compared to other platforms.

Let us know what you think of Plutio by entering your comments below.

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